Hi, I am Pellaeon, Agenda Team Lead of the annual Students’ Information Technology Conference in Taiwan. I am also a college student.

I code, I read, I think, I write.

I code in PHP, Go (and Django, but that doesn’t count as a language), and less fluently in C and Python.

I am familiar with FreeBSD and Ubuntu on servers, I have system administration experience in both systems for about 5 years. I have set up complex systems, like mail servers and OpenStack, I know how to use automation tools like Chef and Ansible. Recently I am learning network maintainence skills, like using managed switches, setting up hardware firewalls.

I am the co-maintainer of bsd-cloudinit (though I like to call it Project Feng Li Su), a popular framework that you probably need to run FreeBSD in OpenStack, and the registration app for ownCloud, providing user registration feature.

I read a lot from the Internet. I like Ars Technica, The Verge, Slashdot and of course Hacker News. Sometimes I read Nautil.us, io9, Wired. I also wander on Wikipedia a lot.

I think about lots of things, lots of, so I can’t exactly tell you what things. 😉

I write technical notes, and about the movies I see, (the problems of) our college and education, interesting stuff I found, and my opinions.

I decided to blog in Chinese, because that’s where most of my readers are, but if you want to read something in English, do leave a message below!



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